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Luna Moore Scholarship 

Current Committee Members


Carol Robbins

Jeff Thomas

Paige Gibbs

The Luna Moore Scholarships of the East Barnard Community Club are available to high school seniors who live in the Broad Brook watershed and plan to further their education.


“Further education” is broadly defined to include certified training programs, trade schools, and two and four year colleges.


The Broad Brook watershed includes those portions of Barnard, Pomfret, Royalton and Sharon where streams flow into Broad Brook. Residents who live on property contiguous with these portions are also eligible for scholarships.


Annual scholarship grants will be $500 each with no more than three grants being given in one year.


The choice of recipients shall be made by a vote of the scholarship committee members on the basis of scholarship, character and financial need. Grants will be payable for the second semester.


To apply for the scholarship, the applicant should send a letter which explains future education plans and thoroughly describes his/her academic records and achievements, community and other involvement, and financial need. The applicant should include his/her physical home address as well as the mailing address if it is different. Letters of support and other documents are not necessary and will not be considered by the Trustees.


The deadline for letters of application, due to the following address, is March 28. Selected applicants will be notified by mail by the end of April.


Paige Gibbs

828 Walker Hill Road

South Royalton VT 05068

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